Mens Cowboy Hats by Type

The TRADITIONAL cowboy hat, with its high-creased crown, is made to protect you from the sun with its wide brim. FUR cowboy hats are a blend of wool felt and animal fur—some even blended to repel water. Looking for that fur look at a fraction of the cost? The modern WOOL FELT cowboy hat offers more variety in the crease of the crown with more room for styling including, hair-on cowhide brims, conchos, embroidered accents, colorful patterns, and suede leather details. Slightly smaller brimmed SOFT WOOL FELT cowboy hats are available in a variety of crowns and some offer shapeable wire brims. Our STRAW and LEATHER cowboy hats come in a variety of colors and styles, from classic to dramatic. Whether your looking for cowboy hats with chinstraps to ride the trails or sweatbands to keep you dry and comfortable in the summer heat, Five Star eShop has the right hat for you.