11inch King Series Youth Trail and All Around Saddle 100

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King Series produces great youth saddles that will keep you and your child happy. The square skirt and classic colors make for a beautiful saddle. ~@~@Its nature is a happy fit for any child. The Blevins style quick change buckles are easy to adjust as your child grows. A comfortable seat will allow your child to ride comfortably all day with the neoprene skirts and in skirt rigging_ which take away some bulk. Not to mention_ the lightweight materials make this saddle easy to lift up and onto the horse.~@FEATURES~@Full Quarter Bars~@Blevins style quick change buckles~@Neoprene in skirts~@In Skirt Rigging~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Horn: 3ö~@Swell: 13ö~@Gullet: 7 1/2ö~@Cantle: 4ö~@Skirt: 25ö x 26ö~@Weight: 22 lbs.~@


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